Storm Panels: Removable Or Permanent

In certain regions and cities, having storm panels on your property is required by law. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have storm panels mounted directly on the outside of all of your doors and windows. In fact, most people prefer having removable panels that they keep in storage and then they just put them on when the weather necessitates it. However, there are many stylish permanent options that can actually add to the style of your home. This article compares the two systems and should help you decide which would be the most practical for your home.

Permanent Panels

Permanent panels tend to be very effective on windows, but they don't always work on doors. Because of this, even homeowners who have permanent panels on their windows, usually have removable door panels that they keep in storage. This is partly due to the fact that is very easy to make permanent storm panels look stylish. The most popular style for permanent they're mounted to the outside of the windows, on either side of every fixtures. they are mounted on hinges that close inward to cover the entire. Fixture of course, plantation shutters are usually made out of a super durable material like metal or vinyl. However, does not mean that they can't be stylish. Most plantation shutter-style panels are painted to match the trim around the window. This can actually look great in many different types of homes.

Of course, having your panels firmly mounted to the walls that produces a step when it comes to storm preparation. Basically, they just need to be swung closed and locked. Of course, you will need to attach the removable door storm panels, but not having to deal with all the windows, especially those on the second story, is going to be very convenient and allow you to prep more fully for the storm.

Removable Panels

Most people who choose removal panels do so because they just don't like the style of permanent panels. They can keep them in storage, and they don't really care what they look like. That is, they are decorative or stylish, they are purely functional. This also means that they're usually more affordable than permanent panels. There will be simple mounts on the walls next to your windows and doors that enable you to attach the panels very quickly. Most system still require that you use a power drill to tighten the panels and create a protective barrier.

Either system could be great for your home, but make sure you choose the one that will be the most practical.