Time to Plan a Retail Shop Renovation? Door Changes to Consider

Periodic renovations are necessary for any successful business and especially for retail businesses that continue to attract new customers while maintaining existing ones. While some retail store updates will be large and require intense planning and budgeting, others may be as simple as updating the storefront or changing out an entry door.

The very best renovation projects are those that solve some sort of problem, such as making the store more accessible or freshening the look. If you are a retail shop owner who is currently planning to renovate, these creative door change ideas may be just what you need to add new life to your tired storefront. 

Relocating the entry door

Space is always a prime consideration in the typical small retail shop. A simple alteration of the entry door's location, such as moving it from the middle of the wall to one side, can be used to create additional wall display surfaces.

For instance, when shifting the entry door to the far right, a half wall could be erected to form an aisle feeding into the store. Display shelving could be attached to the surface of the wall that faces the inside of the store, with the other side used to display special sales information. 

Relocating the entry door to one side can also be an effective tool to help gently feed the flow of customers in such a way that exposure to popular inventory or special sales merchandise is maximized. 

Changing the door style or size

Many older retail stores feature a double set of glass doors as the entry and exit point for customers. Unfortunately, this type of door may be easier for vandals and burglars to breach because the seam where the doors meet can be difficult to secure and stabilize. Opting to change out double glass doors with a single, larger door can provide a similar entry and exit experience while being easier to secure during the hours when the business is closed. 

Consider a door with less glass

Storefront shops that have had to repair or replace broken glass doors frequently in the past may want to consider choosing a more durable steel entry door with a smaller inset glass window. This type of door can be customized with paint color, logos, and signage to be just as attractive as a full-length glass door yet offer more security and durability. 

To learn more about choosing the right door for your upcoming storefront renovation, take time to discuss your situation and specific needs with a reputable supplier and installer of high-quality storefront doors.