Overhead Door Installation For Your Shop Or Garage

Large shops or garages used as commercial buildings often have large doors on them to allow them to move large trucks or equipment in and out of the shop. These doors are so large and heavy-duty that a commercial overhead door installation company is typically needed to ensure the door is secure and functions correctly. 

Door Styles

The majority of doors used in commercial applications roll up so they do not take up a lot of space when the door is open. The system is effective, and a commercial overhead door installation company can put them in for you quickly. 

If you are interested in having a large hydraulic door installed, there is a little more to it, so you will need to talk to the overhead door installer in your area and see if they can do it for you. These hydraulic doors are essentially a large folding wall section that opens to allow extremely large equipment to move and out of the shop, but they can be challenging to install and are an expensive option because of the hydraulic system that is required to support the door.

Door Installation

When you are ready to have new overhead doors installed, the commercial overhead door installation company will bring the new door and the equipment needed to install it. The door will often need to be lifted in place with a forklift because of the weight of the assembly. Once the door is in position, the door tech will begin to install the door and the track system on the building. 

In some cases, putting the track on the door frame first makes it easier for the tech to line up the door and get all the brackets lined up to operate correctly. 

If the door is a panel-style door, the sections will be slide into position one at a time, starting at the bottom of the door and continuing until all the panels are in place and connected with hinges.

Once the commercial overhead door installation company has all the parts in place, all the hardware can be tightened and the adjustments made to the door and tracks to ensure smooth operation. Because these doors are so large, the door will almost always require a door opener to operate it. 

The openers used on large doors are often gear-driven units that can raise the door with less effort. A traditional door opener is not strong enough to support a large door, and the motor in those lighter units would fail far sooner than the typical industrial door opener.

To learn more, contact a commercial overhead door installation company.