Building A New Building For Your Business? Make Sure You Install An Automatic Door System

If you are building a new building for your business, there are many things to consider. One thing is the type of doors you should install. One type that you should consider is an automatic door system. It is much easier to install these doors during construction. Keep reading to learn about the different types of automatic door systems you can choose, as well as some benefits of choosing this. 

Automatic Swing Automatic Door System 

One type that is often used is an automatic swing door. These doors are inexpensive and work great if you have a lot of customers and employees that go through the doors each day. These doors fully open which means they have enough room for more than one person to walk through or someone in a wheelchair, crutches, walker, etc. can easily come through the door. These doors open automatically when they detect people when they are close to the door.

Sliding Automatic Door System

Another option is automatic sliding doors. This is a good option if you need to keep people moving quickly through the doors. They work like swing doors opening automatically when someone is close. Automatic sliding doors are also safe as they open horizontally. There is less of a chance of someone getting trapped or stuck in the door. If you have a retail store or a grocery store, this is a good automatic door system to choose. 

Automatic Telescoping Door Systems

Another type available is the automatic telescoping door system. These doors work well if you have a large opening or can fit well in smaller door openings. These doors have several panels and each slide open when the door is opened. The panels stack upon each other to open the space fully. These doors are often used for commercial buildings, such as businesses, banks, hospitals, etc. They also open quickly when one or more person steps near the door. 

Benefits of Automatic Door System

There are many benefits of installing an automatic door system. One, it can make it much easier for people that enter through the door. This is especially true if they are holding boxes or other packages and cannot open the door by hand. 

If you have things delivered to your building on a regular case from a delivery service, automatic doors are much more beneficial for them. These people often deliver packages that are on trolleys. 

Talk with a company that sells commercial door systems to learn much more about the different types available.