Are You Looking to Replace Your Entry Door & Make a Statement? Consider These Entry Door Trends for 2016

Is your current entry door warped, cracked, peeling or drafty? If so, it is time to upgrade that old door. In doing so, you can increase your curb appeal, your home's energy efficiency, the value of your home, and make a great first impression. But with so many different types, styles, and colors of entry doors on the market, you may be unsure where to start when looking for a replacement door. Here are three entry door trends for 2016 if you want to know your latest options.


One of the hottest trends for entry doors is color. If you are looking to make a statement with your entry door, either select one that is a bold and bright color, or have it painted one of these colors. This year, no color is off limits when it comes to front doors and the bolder and more vibrant the color, the better. Bright red, sunshine yellow, electric blues and vibrant greens are on on point when it comes to entry doors this year. Select a door color that fits in with the style of your home and compliments your landscaping to tie everything together and make a statement with your new front door.

Oversized Hardware

Another trend that is popular in 2016 is oversized hardware on your entry door. If you want to make a statement when it comes to the door, but can't afford a luxurious and over-the-top door, the hardware you accentuate your more reasonably-priced door can make your point. Oversized hardware, such as your lock, handleset and knocker adds an interesting geometrical pattern that most people aren't used to seeing. Since your visitors are used to seeing standard-sized hardware, they may think that your hardware is custom made or artistic, which may in turn, make them think your door is custom made as well. Right now, clean and sleek lines and nickel-colored metals reflect a modern sleekness. Select an oversized hardware with these properties, and you can transform the entire appearance of your new entry door.

Going Green

That last popular trend for 2016 is going green with your entry door. The way most people are doing this is by selecting an energy efficient entry door. While there are many materials that are used to create entry doors, including wood, steel and aluminum, one of the types that is most efficient is a fiberglass entry door. A fiberglass entry door can be stained or painted to look like a wood or aluminum entry door. However, they are more durable than both types of doors and can be filled with insulation, to help prevent heated or cooled air inside your home from escaping through the door. If you are considering this type of entry door, keep in mind that it can be more pricey than wood and aluminum doors, but it will save you money in your heating and cooling costs, which can help offset the higher price tag in the long run. If you want an entry door that is both trendy and energy efficient, consider a fiberglass replacement door.

If you are looking to replace your front door, or the entry door, you have many tough decisions to make. The door you select often creates a first impression of your home on visitors. Selecting a trendy door can help show people that your home is modern and stylish. If this is the impression you want your door to make, select a bold colored door, add oversized hardware and select an entry door that is energy efficient. To learn more about your door replacement options, contact local contractors with attractive door options.