Are You Looking to Replace Your Entry Door & Make a Statement? Consider These Entry Door Trends for 2016

Is your current entry door warped, cracked, peeling or drafty? If so, it is time to upgrade that old door. In doing so, you can increase your curb appeal, your home's energy efficiency, the value of your home, and make a great first impression. But with so many different types, styles, and colors of entry doors on the market, you may be unsure where to start when looking for a replacement door.

What You'll Need To Know About Replacing Your Garage Door's Torsion Springs

Nearly every garage door relies on a set of extension springs or torsion springs to help counteract the weight of the doors as they're opened and closed. These springs normally require replacement every few years due to age and overall wear and tear. While it's relatively easy to replace extension springs, replacing torsion springs is a job that's a bit tougher for most do-it-yourself enthusiasts. If you want to replace those torsion springs on your own, here are a few things you'll need to know before you get started.

Install Double-Pane Windows In Your Downtown Rental Unit To Reduce Noise And Attract More Tenants

Downtown apartments in a desirable part of a city can fetch high rent prices, especially when multiple people are interested in renting a specific unit. Some potential tenants, however, are turned off by the noise that comes with living in a metropolis. If you're a landlord with a downtown apartment to rent, installing double-pane replacement windows in your unit can reduce how much noise is heard from inside your unit. Upgrading the windows could help you attract more prospective tenants -- and possibly command a higher rent for the place.